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Restart Skateboards – Delivering The Best To Skate Lovers

Here at Restart skateboards our main objective is superior quality teamed with magnificent designs.


7 years ago Adam and Stepan set out on a journey to create the best skateboard decks in the world. After 7 years of hard, relentless work testing all skateboarding conditions we believe this has been achieved under the name of Restart Skateboards.

Restart Skateboards use the highest of quality wood from the Great Lakes. It is crafted using a special recipe of glue, speciality epoxy glue which maintains the boards strength whilst keeping its basic properties - the almighty pop!

From the first glance you will notice our boards stand out from all the others thanks to the unique designs which combine laser engraving with digital photo printing. You can buy our skateboards here on our online exclusive store.

We offer special pack also :

PACK includes a skateboard deck of your choice, griptape Jessup, keychain, stickers, everything is packed into a special coffin box.


At Restart Skateboards, we deliver premium quality skateboard with exclusively designed equipment.

If you are looking for the skateboard deck, Restart Skateboards is definitely a brand to look up to.


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